Although it may not be an obvious priority for your business, commercial site or home office, lighting design is a critical element in any work space. It can encourage sales in a retail environment and boost productivity in the office. Since lighting a work space consumes so much energy, upgrading to energy-efficient light sources is a great investment that can encourage production.

Over time, studies have shown that proper lighting reduces eye fatigue for workers by enhancing visual comfort and improving their performance on visually-related tasks. Proper lighting has been attributed to fewer sorting errors and a lower absenteeism rate. When people work under poor lighting conditions, they tend to tire easily. In contrast, if lighting is bright and pleasant to the eye, it can help energize workers and help them perform better.

Custom lighting offers many benefits to your business or home office. There are many aspects to be considered, such as style and design, the type of fixtures used and energy efficiency. Other items of importance include placement of fixtures, paint colors and reflectivity in the space being lit.

Along with energy efficiency and higher production, safety is another consideration when it comes to illuminating a work space with custom lighting. Maintaining a minimal amount of light during off hours and ensuring walkways and exits are well-lit are critical to the safety of workers and customers. Backup lighting in the event of a power failure is also an important consideration, as well. Custom lighting can offer the safety benefits without detracting from the aesthetic of your business.

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