There are some places in your home designed for gatherings, while others are for work and play. But sometimes you pine for personal space that’s just for you. Soon, you can enjoy the peace of a secret garden and a quiet hideaway on your property where you can read, relax and enjoy fresh air.

Here are some elements to consider for a secret garden that can become an intimate oasis and your own outdoor sanctuary:

  • The Approach: Consider adding a narrow walkway that winds back to your outdoor sanctuary. The entrance to your secret garden can be well-marked with a gate or a subtle opening in a hedge.
  • The Space: You can designate the boundaries of your space with a stone wall, traditional fencing or even an urban twist, such as salvaged metal panels.
  • The Location: Use a portion of your back patio, or perhaps a plot further back on a wooded property. Houzz suggests the underestimated side yard of your home for creating an outdoor nook.
  • The Size: Select a cozy corner or wall in a large section of your estate. Want pervasive privacy? Create a series of smaller, connected gardens to surround your property with a calming atmosphere.

Once you know what elements to keep in mind as you plan for a garden room, it’s time to start looking for sources of inspiration. Below are a few gardens that we really like.

Arches are an inviting entrance for a secret garden. Go for a classic stone edifice or one that discreetly blends into the surrounding foliage, such as this one made of intertwined willow branches.

Hardscapes, such as this stone wall and inner terrace, give an aesthetically-pleasing sense of dimension to your garden room, as well as privacy.

The tucked-away seating area in the upper portion of this garden is hidden successfully using a split-level patio and surrounding hedges.

High fences, gates and pathway leading to this cottage’s secret garden give it a cozy ambiance that feels invitation-only.

At TMS Architects, we’re always looking for elements that draw us in like those found in these outdoor hideaways. What do you look for in your ideal secret garden? Leave a comment below to share with us!