When we help clients with furniture selections for their home, we focus on style, quality and comfort. We want to ensure that we provide them with pieces that they can enjoy for many years to come. During this year’s High Point trip, we visited hundreds of showrooms to see who had the best products in terms of quality and design. The main methods of testing include inspecting, and of course sitting on every chair we saw! Here are some highlights from our exploration…


The most important aspect to keep in mind with seating is a combination of dimensions and cushion type. If a seat depth is very generous it may be great for watching a movie or lounging, but might not be so great for conversation. If a chair seems high, but has a very soft cushion then you may still sink down to a comfortable depth. If we test a chair that seems to have a high level of comfort we jot down dimensions and cushion type for our own reference.

Measuring the cushion for our notes.

We also make sure to test sofas…

Outdoor furniture….



And even children’s furniture!


If you are not able to test a specific chair, you are still able to gauge comfort based on the construction quality of the chair. The image below shows how the internal structure of a long lasting high-quality chair is constructed. This high-grade of furniture has a base frame made from kiln-dried solid hardwood, with dovetailed corner blocks which are both glued and screwed together. This ensures a solid frame that will not twist or loosen with use. The base spring coils are brought together using the traditional 8-way hand tied method. This construction type ensures a smooth ‘ride’ across springs, a pleasant bounce and will not ‘bottom-out’ over time. The underside has an interlaced full web bottom which the springs sit on to enhance the smooth ‘sit’, and won’t become punctured if furniture is moved.

Below is a home we recently help with both the architecture, interior design, furniture, window treatments, and accessory selections. Not only did the furniture fit the space perfectly, but it provided a comfortable place to retire to at the end of a long day.

We are happy to help search for the perfect seat for your home too! Contact us today for your consultation.

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