Preserving our environment, or “green living” has moved past the stage of being a fad and is now a priority by the majority of society. While many designers and architects focus on the energy systems and environmentally-friendly high insulation values of building, TMS Architects also incorporates reclaimed materials in home design whenever possible to support our commitment to sustainable architecture.

Reclaimed Materials: Fashionable and Environmentally Friendly

We love using reclaimed materials. Source: TMS Architects

While reusing materials or using recycled products is now considered innovative and artistic, TMS Architects have been preserving and protecting New England heritage through restoration and renovation for more than three decades. Just a few of the things we have reclaimed to add beauty and character have been barn boards, salvaged tin, and reclaimed wood for flooring. Not only do these uses preserve a portion of history, they allow unique artistic expression not possible with modern materials.

If there are not many options available on-site or nearby for reclaimed materials in home design, most building products now have recycled versions available. Metals, bricks, glass, and more can be recycled and reintroduced as building materials while saving up to 90 percent of the energy and emissions over the manufacturing of the original products. This option reduces the carbon footprint and prevents the recyclable materials from being dumped into landfills.

Contemporary sustainable designs lend themselves to more traditional materials however, the emergence of previously unheard of materials are making their way into architecture. Do not be surprised to see entire walls built of soda cans or planters made of recycled tires that form outdoor dividing walls.

Not to be forgotten in greener building practices is the repurposing of existing structures. In our “Barn House Project“, TMS Architects repurposed a barn into a comfortable living space as an addition to the main house. This created a rental portion for their son’s growing family and a scaled-down home for the owners.

Source: TMS Architects

Source: TMS Architects

Whether you wish to do a restoration, preservation, or reclamation project, TMS Architects has the experience and expertise to make your vision a reality. Contact us today with your design ideas and lets get to work.