Outdoor fireplaces are a definite source of warmth and lend an air of coziness to any landscape that tends to draw people together wherever they are situated. While these reasons may be high on your list for having a fireplace on your wish list, there are also other added benefits such as higher resale value or increased equity in your home and defining your outdoor space.


Adding a place for a fire outside is a warm way to bring people together at your home. Source: TMS Architects

With the wide array of styles and types of outdoor fireplaces, choosing the right one for your backyard space may be daunting. The main points you should consider are your budget, what the main purpose is, and whether you wish a wood burning fireplace or gas. The following tips and benefits can help with your choice:

  • A fireplace, hearth, and furniture to complete the space will have potential buyers picturing themselves enjoying the space if you are planning to sell.
  • Custom-built fireplaces are usually more expensive yet create a space that is uniquely yours.
  • While wood burning fireplaces are generally cheaper to install and allow for camp-style cookouts, gas fires are easier to operate and maintain.
  • Gas fireplaces will cost more to install the further they are placed from the main gas line on your property.
  • For a less expensive option, consider a fire pit or bowl.

Another benefit to outdoor fireplaces is their ability to add extra square footage to your living space by becoming an extension of your home’s interior. To enhance this effect, continue the style and color scheme you have used in your home and provide ample¬†comfortable seating.

Finally, a thoughtfully designed fireplace can add interesting architectural elements to your home and landscape. The following are three examples:

  • Draw the eye upward with a tall chimney to break up a plain house profile or to blend with other tall elements in your home’s design.
  • Use the fireplace as an anchor to define your outdoor space.
  • Add a sense of warmth and style to your yard, even when the fire is not lit.

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