When it comes to design details, windows are a favorite at our firm. There is no better way to open up your home and welcome in natural light for a more pleasant living space. Clerestory windows in particular have a unique set of aesthetic and functional qualities. They are placed high on walls to let in light from above, a technique that originates in Gothic cathedrals. In addition to drawing the eye upward, clerestory windows also help make your living spaces more comfortable by helping heat rise.

In our Kittery Point Harbor Overlook project, a row of clerestory windows offers second-story views and makes the staircase feel more open. The molding surrounding the windows matches the rest of the molding in the space, creating unity and drawing attention to the view.

The seemingly endless bank of clerestory windows on the second story of our Lighthouse Cove Cottage offers panoramic views and beckons guests outdoors onto the adjacent deck.

Small size does not mean small impact for the clerestory windows that appear in this woodland shingle style home. Their placement keeps this space from becoming a dead corner, as the eye is drawn outward and beyond. In fact, clerestory windows work even when angles are not optimal.

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Design by TMS Architects

What could have been a dark kitchen, is now light and airy thanks to a trio of simple yet expertly placed clerestory windows atop kitchen cabinets. No knick knacks needed. The effect created by the windows is all the artistry you need here.

The clerestory windows are essential to the lighting in this bathroom. The natural light brings out not only the smoothness of the marble and sparkle of the glass and metal, but also flatters any skin tone. The towering windows also keep the space from feeling small and closed in.

Think how stagnant the ceiling beams in this cottage’s sitting room would look if not for the adjacent clerestory windows bringing in natural light and giving the architectural features in the room new dimension.

Are you feeling inspired to add clerestory windows in your renovation or new build plans? Share your ideas with us in a comment below.

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