The results are in and next year’s color trends have been announced by top designers. From deep, rich colors to whimsical, pastel offerings, there’s sure to be a color scheme that will appeal to your sense of style and taste. Get in on these color trends early and be the first of your friends to embrace the hues of 2015.

Source: House Beautiful

Source: House Beautiful

  • Some Renaissance Flair: Cerulean blue, deep green, plum, beige and white, in various textures and patterns, are combined artfully to recreate the look found in many Renaissance paintings.
  • Neutral and Classic: Shades of gray, silvery green and other muted tones can be paired with items and finishes in softer colors to create a peaceful and airy look.
  • Bold and Brave: Greek blue, olive green and slightly muted orange are appearing in decor items and wall colors to create bold, exciting looks reminiscent of the 60s for trendy spaces. Greek blue can be combined with pink and gray to emphasize its bright, rich color and create a completely unique look.
  • Whimsical Pastels: Muted pastel colors splashed with bits of neon are perfect for creating whimsical designs for modern and fun-loving decor enthusiasts.

Working with an architect can help you create the perfect design to showcase your home’s new color palette for 2015. From helping you bring your sense of style to reality in paint, flooring and unique conversation items to complete renovations, TMS Architects has the skills and design experience to infuse your space with spirit and beauty.

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