Has the fireplace in your home seen better days? Do you have a historic home that needs a pop of new life as the weather cools off? If you’re still staring at that old, plain fireplace with a grimace, you can get an architect to give it a face-lift. But until you find the right architect to work with, view a few of these fireplace designs for a bit of inspiration.

Rustic Country

This fireplace design combines many materials to give the space life and comfort. The white mantel stands out against a neutral wall to produce a dynamic and cozy cottage appeal. You can also add pastoral artwork to the room so that it complements the fireplace. This design has a black gate that keeps your firebox closed and adds rusticity to the room.

Fireplace wall

This fireplace comes with in-built storage units, thus making it a central anchor in a room’s furniture arrangement. To complement it, you should arrange all your sofas and chairs in a U-shape so that everyone can have a view of the fireplace. For stark contrast, you can choose a black surround for your fireplace.

Tile surround

Instead of the common brick surround, you could opt for tile. It is an ideal material because it is available in a wide range of styles and colors. Tile can revive an old fireplace and make it appear new again. To determine the best materials for your fireplace, you should consult a masonry expert so that you do not end up using the wrong tiles.

Brick makeover

Do you want you want to maintain the integrity of an historic home, but hate the fireplace? In this case, rather than knocking out the whole fireplace and installing a new one, simply utilize a color guide to find the right paint color for the area. This will work in rooms where you have low ceilings, since dark fireplaces make your house appear antiquated.

A brick makeover is easy to do. All you require is a cleaning cloth, primer, brush and some paint. Start by cleaning the brick to remove all traces of grime and then use a stain-blocking primer to cover soot. Next, you need to apply paint that is soot-resistant and your fireplace will look amazing.

Uplifting an old fireplace can breathe new life into any home, from a colonial New England home to a Texas Hill Country cottage. If you have any other questions about fireplace designs and a professional that can help you bring it to life, be sure to contact us at TMS Architects.