When designing a transitional room, finding the right balance of new and old furnishing while maintaining an uncluttered space can be a difficult accomplishment. This can be especially true when you are trying to add task or ambient lighting.

New updates to timeless schoolhouse lights are an excellent way to add a vintage appeal to any room, especially when incorporating them with historic architecture. Light-diffusing shades and the smooth, clean lines of the pendulum-style lights are a classic way to add light to areas that are in need. Today’s schoolhouse lights offer bands of color, various geometric shapes, to add interest, and fancier fittings that would work in a number of transitional rooms.

In transitional rooms, where pendulum lights would not be appropriate or desirable, there are wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted schoolhouse light fixtures that hold plenty of vintage appeal while providing the lighting required. In these styles, you will not only find muted colors and styles reminiscent of days gone by, but you can also opt for a more industrialized look.

Today’s schoolhouse wall sconces and ceiling mounts take on vintage flair through the use of the materials used to create the fixtures. Antique black, satin nickel and galvanized steel are just a few examples of metals being used to coordinate with historic architecture. Add to that embellishments such as cloth-covered wiring and vinyl tubing to hide the electrical portions and you have beautiful, unobtrusive vintage lighting suitable for any transitional room.

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