February often seems little more than a frustrating extension to winter, filled with nothing but slate skies and slushy streets – especially when it starts with such a Super Bowl high, only to have nowhere to go but down (except for the inches of snow). For some, Valentine’s Day and snow sports offer a willing escape, but for others the wait for spring is interminable. Unless, of course, those others are in Portsmouth. As always, this gem of the coast has plenty of exciting events and cozy retreats to fill its time, whatever the season or the weather.


This celebration alone might be enough to make you February’s greatest fan – and it goes all month long, ensuring a fit for any hectic schedule. The 2017 Winter Wine Festival is one of New England’s premier wine experiences, with dozens of events ranging from champagne tastings to jazz brunches, all hosted within the magnificent Wentworth By The Sea Hotel. Joining the hotel’s renowned luminaries with brilliant chefs and a breathtaking setting, every moment of the festival is curated to enlighten and enrich as you enjoy. While it may sound a bit biased – Wentworth By The Sea Hotel being a favorite and remarkable renovation project of ours – this entire month of events is not to be missed by amateurs and connoisseur alike.


Fundraising and fab times aren’t only for the Valentine’s Day romantics, either – February in Portsmouth is a giving place for every season, with something for every taste. There may still be a hint of nostalgia, though, even outside of The Music Hall’s féte: spruce up your shoes, it’s time for a classic day at the Bowl-O-Rama. By participating in the 28th Annual Bowlathon, you support the award-winning Pontine Theater’s dedication to telling local stories through local artists, for audiences in Portsmouth and throughout New England. Great company, great exercise, and great fun make February 18th a high point of the month.


While all of Portsmouth has a bias towards The Music Hall, ours towards its Loft is particularly strong – having designed and built it ourselves, we can’t help but be honored and proud of contributing to such a historic space. But when jazz and performing legend Glen David Andrews visits from New Orleans, the spectacular space is filled with a new kind of brilliance. A long-time Music Hall favorite, this installment of 2017’s Live@The Loft series on February 24th will be sure to warm up your night with sweet tones, svelte presence, and preparation for any Mardi Gras celebration around.


However you best spend February – watching Super Bowl playbacks, planning a special treat for those you love most, frolicking in the snow or hiding from it – Portsmouth is here as the perfect support, perfect community, and perfect place for it all, all year long.