If you’re upgrading an historic home or searching for new home design ideas for a future project, there are plenty of themes and styles to help guide your way during the process, especially when it comes to the bathroom. Whether you’re upgrading to increase your home’s value or to create a spa-like retreat for your own enjoyment, a successful project is all in the details. Many people overlook easy-to-miss details that can make a big impression on guests and homeowners alike.

Modern styles have moved away from ornate bathrooms of the past in exchange for soothing colors, simple furniture designs and streamlined fixtures. In many cases, architectural features are added to create focal points. Archways built over large windows can create a perfect nook for a stand-alone bathtub, especially when tiled with neutral marble.

Moldings and trims are another important feature many people don’t focus enough on when brainstorming their bathroom design. Putting extra attention into these details can uplift any space with a modern appeal. Traditional molding can turn a simple window into a spectacular showpiece for your tub. And if you choose calm, soothing colors for wall finishes and moldings, you can inject some color into floor coverings.

Mirrors and appropriate lighting can make a small bathroom seem much larger when you’re not able to expand the actual size. Clever built-ins can be created by an architect to increase storage space without taking up a lot of room necessary for bathroom fixtures.

Finally, selecting the right faucets and hardware can completely alter the look of your bathroom. It’s best to visit a showroom, if possible, to get an idea of the style and finish you’re most drawn to. Make sure accessories, such as towel bars and paper holders, are all finished in the same fashion for a cohesive look.

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