Planning a commercial or residential remodeling project may seem dreamy and exciting at the outset, but remodeling is a complex process. It can feel a little overwhelming at times and, if the project isn’t planned by professionals, remodeling can become a logistical mess. This should never be the case.

Working with an architect from the start will ensure your project is organized and streamlined, yielding a finished project aligned with your vision and budget.

The following steps can help you enjoy a smoother and more efficient remodeling process when working with an architect.

Plan and Organize

We can’t emphasize enough how important the planning and organizing phase is to the entire remodeling experience. Having a few ideas tucked away in your head is not enough. You should print, cut out and tear out pictures of designs and/or ideas you like and create a physical “stylebook” that you can discuss with your architect.

This step is critical because it gives your design team a tangible example of your style and tastes. If there’s something that won’t work due to structural limitations, you can come up with a Plan B, now, rather than in the middle of the project.

Identify Your Goals

Your long-term goals are an integral part of the plan. Think about why you’re remodeling in the first place. What will be achieved? Where do you see your household in five to ten years? The answers will help your team plan a remodel that works immediately and in the long-term future.

Determine Your Budget

A fixed budget must be set from the outset, including a 10 percent contingency fund. This will help your architect and designers plan options and upgrades accordingly and allow you to plan a realistic remodel rather than finding out that certain ideas won’t work midstream.

Sure, there may be hiccups along the remodeling path, but with proper planning and the right design and build team, they’ll be smoothed out in no time. Are you ready to get started on a remodel for your home or business? Make it easier on everyone by consulting TMS Architects.