Winter is inevitably on its way which means it will also be the season for gathering around the fireplace to keep warm on cold winter days and nights. Why not consider giving your fireplace an upgrade both to improve its visual appearance and maximize its safety features?

Give Your Fireplace an Upgrade This Winter

Source: TMS Architects

There are several different options to improve the visual appearance of your fireplace and ensure it is a great focal point for your room.

  • To both improve safety of wood burning fireplaces and add a clean appearance, consider installing a set of glass doors which can be closed when you are done with your fire.
  • A new mantel can completely alter a fireplace design. You might consider a salvaged mantel for architectural detailing and a unique look not found in today’s mantels.
  • As the main safety¬†area between your fireplace and finished flooring in the room, the hearth is an often overlooked area for improvement. Fresh, new tiles that are fireproof can help add style or character.
  • Although a much more involved project, installing new tile on the fireplace surround will completely change the look of your fireplace design.

Source: TMS Architects

Source: TMS Architects

It is absolutely critical to keep up with maintenance and repair of your fireplace and chimney to avoid fire. Before you light first fire for the season, you should hire a chimney sweep to clean your chimney and check for any damages such as mortar cracks, loose bricks, and damage to the chimney lining. Your chimney cap should also be looked at to ensure it is keeping out rain, small animals, and debris from entering. If there is not a cap, install one.

From the inside, clean and inspect your firebox for any loose bricks or cracked mortar. If necessary, clean out the damaged mortar and replace it. Check to ensure the flue is operable to let the smoke out while having a fire and keeping the cold out when the fireplace is not in use.

TMS Architects would like to remind you of the money-saving and greener option of using untreated scrap wood and fallen branches for burning.