Gardens take on an entirely new dimension when borders are defined. Take a landscaped area of your property from an open space to an enclosed one, and you’ve created a secret garden room that’s private, comfortable and perfect for solo relaxation or intimate conversations.

There are many ways to creatively wall-in your garden. You’ll want to first decide on a man-made wall or a natural one. Here are some factors to consider when choosing:

Man-Made Garden Walls

Materials: Stucco, brick, masonry, metal panels, wrought-iron

Why We Love Them: Man-made walls have year-round appeal and are less affected by seasonal conditions. They are relatively low-maintenance, and you can add color with paints, stains or infusions.

Considerations: These walls are usually more expensive for the initial investment and for any repairs needed.

Natural Garden Walls

Materials: River rocks, hedges, trees, wooden posts

Why We Love Them: Living walls continue the organic quality of your garden seamlessly by immersing you in nature. These walls are perfect for those who value sustainability.

Considerations: There’s more upkeep involved with living walls. They are very susceptible to growing seasons.

Tips for Any Enclosure:

  • The wall style should complement your property’s existing style and architecture.
  • Use height and transparency to adjust your wall to the level of privacy you desire.
  • Consider multiple divisions to make a small space seem larger.

Here are a few of our favorite looks for garden room walls:

A color-infused concrete wall encloses this garden room with a grate trellis. This is a great feature for an outdoor shower.

This Georgian classic garden showcases a very private brick outer wall with interior retaining walls and hedges to give the space a bit more definition.

A beautiful example of a living wall, this formal garden’s seating area is enclosed by hedges.

Creeping plants enclose this intimate seating area, giving it a romantic feel.

A rock wall with floral plants gives this rustic grotto the illusion that it naturally grew up around the fire pit area.

Ready to create your secret garden? At TMS Architects, we can customize the right design for your living spaces. Contact us today to learn more about working with our team for your next project!

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