The time and effort you put into your garden and landscaping¬†are worth the reward of having beautiful outdoor spaces. When you have a variety of areas or an expansive property, creating garden paths and walkways are great for sending visitors on a nature walk. If crafted properly, the paths and walkways cannot help but attract visitors’ attention and they will save your lawn from trails made due to foot traffic.

While on a larger scale than most people’s gardens, Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania is a great example of how creating garden paths and walkways encourage meanderings and nature walks. Since they have many different types of areas to explore, from formal gardens to trails that take you through the woods, Longwood Gardens makes use of several different types of materials¬†and structures to create an invitation to explore.

Before you begin to choose the materials and structures that make up your walkways, you must first decide if you want a formal or more casual look. You also have to consider whether you want the paths to meander, or if geometric angles are more suited to your landscape design. Finally, deciding on maintenance-free or low maintenance will impact the type of paths or walkways you will want.

Ground Cover
Ground cover is a good option for relatively low maintenance and can be used in both formal or casual spaces. For a modern and formal look, the use of symmetrical pavers with turf grass works well while a more informal space may use natural flagstone and creeping thyme.

Pathway Garden
Some really beautiful effects can result when creating garden paths and walkways bordered by lush plants and flowers. Using tall, straight plants can create a walkway envelopes you in color and scent. Smaller plants, shrubs, and flowers can lead your guests along a romantic path bursting with color.

Regardless of what type of path or walkway you wish to create the perfect visual effect for your garden, TMS Architects can help you bring it to life. Contact us so we can begin working on your design today.