Cold Weather + Extra Layers = Gargantuan Piles of Laundry. Is your home prepared for the onslaught of wet and muddy cold weather gear this winter with a laundry room that will allow you to work efficiently? Or, do you find yourself dreading the idea of another afternoon spent in a cramped and dull laundry room? If so, a functional, efficient, and stylish laundry room it what your home needs to make the task quicker and less boring!

Most home design ideas barely touch on the laundry room, even though it’s one of the most used spaces in a home. For some, it serves as the everyday entrance and mudroom. And for others, it’s a place where a good chunk of time is spent each week. With some thoughtful design, you can turn an eyesore into a more cheerful place to take care of a routine chore.

Location, Location, Location. Laundry rooms are often relegated to the basement to be “out of the way.” This can be a major detriment since regular access is inconvenient. Better Homes and Gardens recommends choosing a more accessible location, like attached to the master bedroom, near the children’s rooms or in the mudroom, where it’s readily accessible.

Important Additions. If a remodel or new construction project is in the works, you’ll appreciate these home design ideas from contractor Kenny Grono. At the very least, he recommends adding ample counter space, adequate lighting and storage to make the room as functional as possible. If you have the space, interior designer Gabrielle DiStefano recommends creating zones, including one for preparation, a sink, washing and drying, ironing, etc.

Make it Cheerful. If you aren’t doing a full remodel, a simple coat of paint will transform the space. Houzz contributor Kit Pollard shows how a bright and cheerful coat of paint can go a long way in creating an attractive and energetic look, even in a smaller space. Ample light is also important to prevent a laundry room from being cave-like. In her article, How to Design a Laundry Room, Becky Harris shares additional information about the importance of having a light, bright, and cheerful atmosphere to work in.

Multi-Purpose Room. Sometimes rooms in our homes have to pull double-duty, and laundry rooms are no exception from the multi-purpose rule! Perhaps your laundry room remodel can be expanded to become a room with many talents. Janell Beals shows how a large space can house a home office, laundry room, or extra bathroom, allowing you to check multiple items off your design wish list.

If you’re planning a 2014 renovation or new construction project, contact TMS Architects. We’ll make sure that no detail is left out of the design process so that your house will become the home of your dreams – right down to the laundry room!