Skylights open your home to beautiful blue-sky days and luminescent night skies, adding ambiance unmatched by other architectural features. They are ideal for opening and brightening spaces where conventional windows may not be applicable. Skylights can also be a wonderful way to bring the outdoors in without sacrificing privacy, nor do they compete with fireplaces, furniture or appliances.

The benefits of skylights go beyond an abundance of unfiltered natural light. Skylights can work wonders when it comes to controlling temperatures. And as the editors of Better Homes & Gardens point out, “When operable, windows placed high in a room are a valuable source of ventilation, moving hot air out as lower windows let cool air in.”

Below are a few wonderful examples showcasing how skylights can enhance the look and feel of a home.

When renovating this 1926 Manchester home, we incorporated a skylight to allow sunlight to bounce off of light blue walls for a beautiful effect in this elegant and serene master bedroom.

We can’t help but be inspired by this stunning rustic-chic dining area. A pair of long, narrow skylights echo the French doors for an architecturally stunning space.

We used several skylights to enhance the look, feel and functionality of this seaside home in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Bringing in a flood of natural light and adding a gorgeous airiness, skylights helped to bring new life into this 1840s oceanfront gambrel.

New Hampshire architecture firm

Design by TMS Architects

We’re particularly inspired by the way this large skylight illuminates multiple floors as it sheds light on this timeless staircase design.

In addition to making sure they architecturally enhance aesthetics, meticulous planning is required in order to achieve the energy efficiency that can be provided by skylights. As architect and author of the newspaper column “Architext” Arrol Gellner advises, “Where a window in a wall automatically catches the low-angled rays of the winter sun and limits the high-angled glare of the summer sun, a skylight in the ceiling tends to do the opposite.”

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