Ceilings are often referred to by interior designers as the fifth wall. Homeowners often neglect this space, but ceilings are another blank canvas with tremendous design potential. Ceiling treatments can help solve design problems, such as making a room feel bigger or cozier.

The same can be said of your outdoor garden room. Think about it – whether it’s an umbrella, a pergola, trees or just the sky, even outdoor rooms have ceilings.

Each of these ceiling types can enhance the look and feel of your garden, as well as give you more flexibility in how you use the space in some cases. For example, using the open sky as a ceiling can make a smaller garden feel bigger, whereas tree cover or a simple canopy might make a larger garden room feel a bit more intimate.

When designing your garden room, you’ll want to consider which option best enhances the overall look of your garden room. Below are a few ideas:

This traditional patio garden room sports a simple, white canopy as the ceiling. The canopy adds an architectural element to the space, as well as sun protection. It continues the color scheme of the space and sets a modern, relaxed vibe.

What an impact these mature trees have on this estate’s garden room! The trees act as a natural ceiling over formal plantings, filtering sunlight and providing shade for both the foliage and human visitors. The shadows cast by the trees even create a unique pattern that adds to the design.

In this traditional New York vegetable garden, the sky is used as the ceiling. Since the plantings are tightly packed around a narrow pathway, leaving the ceiling open helps it feel less closed in. Plus, vegetables and plants receive needed sunlight from above.

A comfy lounge chair is all that’s needed in this contemporary garden room. Receiving lots of direct sunlight, the perch is protected by a wide umbrella, which serves as the ceiling here. Who wouldn’t want to spend an afternoon reading and napping in this cozy outdoor living room?!

Which type of “ceiling” would you prefer for your garden room? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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