In a world where we’re more conscious than ever about the carbon footprint we leave behind, sustainable architecture is taking a strong foothold in new construction, additions and renovation projects. Although the benefits are many, here are just four reasons why people love sustainable architecture:

Number 1 — People have an instinctual draw to nature. Despite our desire for modern conveniences, nature is still a vital part of our lives. Successful sustainable architecture combines both of these elements seamlessly and allows us to harvest and make use of natural elements as resources for maximum comfort. Oftentimes, this means including outdoor spaces as part of the design project to enlarge and enhance our homes.

  • Number 2 — Due to the materials and natural power elements used in sustainable architecture, indoor air quality is superior, heating and cooling efficiency is maximized and resource use is kept to a minimum. Building materials are free of harmful chemicals that are released into the air, and energy sources, such as solar power, are utilized rather than relying only on fossil fuels. These modern homes leave a minimal carbon footprint, while providing extremely healthy living conditions.
  • Number 3
  • The design potential is limitless. Whether you’re drawn to warm, cozy spaces or modern architecture with cool lines, sustainable homes combine natural elements, open spaces and warm materials to create the environment you enjoy most. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Number 4 — Sustainable homes let us take part in a greener future without compromising quality. With technological advancements and seemingly endless access to new information, you can employ the best techniques to reduce energy consumption, while utilizing top-quality natural building materials to create your individualized comfort zone.

TMS Architects has been designing sustainable projects for the past 30 years. With that kind of experience behind us, we can guide you through your sustainable project with expertise. Visit our portfolio to get some inspiration, and contact us when you/re ready to begin your next project.