The meticulous planning and engineering that goes into designing staircases is sometimes overlooked. While they are a necessity in any multi-level structure, staircases can also be designed to become aesthetically significant architectural features.

Our design and build team combined a graceful curve with traditional white balusters, a rich mahogany handrail and patterned carpet to make the staircase of this Massachusetts family home a striking architectural focal point.

For this Lakeside Manor, which was inspired by the New Hampshire landscape, we designed and handcrafted a gorgeous spiral staircase that culminates into a breathtaking cylindrical tower with clerestory windows. Not only does it command attention with its classical architectural details, but the stairwell allows natural light to spill into all four floors of the home.

The unique staircase we designed for this turn-of-the-century shingle style home on the New Hampshire coast is nothing short of eye-catching. Instead of traditional balusters, we created a geometric secondary support design that gently contrasts the handrail with its gentle wave-like form.

For this oceanfront renovation, we went with a beautiful classic straight-away staircase design with traditional balusters. But to take the style and sophistication to the next level we mirrored the banister with impeccable, crisp-white wainscoting.

New England architecture firm

Design by TMS Architects

This elegant foyer was designed around an exquisite stairwell to achieve a truly artful entryway. We love the spherical space created by the subtle spiral of the staircase which perfectly frames the stunning light fixture and bouquet.

architects and designers in New Hampshire

Design by TMS Architects

The staircase we designed for this lake retreat is another one of our architectural masterpieces. To celebrate the home’s transitional style with a modern edge, we created a stairwell design with twists, turns and curves that add energy and excitement.

architects and designers in New England

Design by TMS Architects

For more design ideas and to see the architecture that we draw inspiration from, be sure to visit our Pinterest board on Stairways to Heaven.

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