As 2016 draws to a close, many designers and industry professionals attend what will be their last trade show of the year: the Boutique Design Trade Fair at the Javits Center in New York. One of the premiere hospitality design trade shows, it provides designers with a chance to see upcoming trends and meet with leaders of the industry. This year, the TMS Interior Design team attended the show finding a wealth of inspiration and resources to keep us ahead of the curve. From living walls to touch-safe fire to metallic textiles, here are a few designs from the show that inspired us.



Electric porthole mirrors

Classic nautical design meets modern convenience in these electric porthole mirrors. These would feel right at home in a hip restaurant restroom or a contemporary home powder room.


Aqua fire table

This fire table is made for indoor spaces using “Aquafire,” flames made only of water that are incredibly realistic but safe to touch. We love how innovative this product is, and it’s exciting to think about the possibilities that come with a safe and hassle-free fireplace. It’s certainly a stunning centerpiece for this table!



Interior Design & Project Manager Cristina testing out a multi-purpose chair

There was an eclectic selection of seating at the show. In the photo above, Interior Design & Project Manager Cristina tries out an outdoor chair that allows for dual functionality — perfect want to sit with a laptop or eat a snack.


Wire frame seating is a big trend to look out for over the coming months. We loved this intricate piece, which looked more like a piece of art than a basic sofa. This would be an eye-catching addition to a contemporary living room or office.



A faux botanical wall.

We saw a lot of “living walls” featuring faux botanicals at the show, which perfectly capture the trend of bringing the outside in. It offers a sense of serenity while simultaneously making a beautiful statement. We envision a wall like this in a spa, restaurant, or in an eclectic dining room design.



Playful light fixtures



Playful light fixtures

Unique lighting is definitely a trend to watch. There was a lot of playful lighting this year, emulating different kinds of materials like tulle and paper mâché. Lights like these would add chic personality to any home or commercial space.



Textured area rug



Area rugs of all kinds

We saw a much bigger focus on area rugs this year than last. From wool to viscose to nylon, there was a variety of materials and construction. The hand carved looks seem to be very popular as well as simple geometric patterns. We can just imagine sinking our feet into one of these luxurious rugs in a master bedroom or living room.

Colorful, metallic textiles.

Colorful, metallic textiles.

Colorful, metallic textiles.

Colorful, metallic textiles.

Metallic textiles have been hot for a while now, but this season brought a new and colorful crop. Colors and textures made these metallic fabrics even more fun! Ease into this trend with a few throw pillows, or make a statement with an upholstered arm chair using these gleaming new textiles.

Our design team works hard to stay on the cutting edge of interior design trends and incorporate them — beautifully and practically — into your home. If you’d love to use one of these looks in your home or business, or simply need some interior design help, please reach out to us to schedule a consultation.