Today’s garden rooms bring all the comforts of your home outdoors. You’ll find plush couches mingling with stylish area rugs, outdoor fireplaces, personalized decor, trendy color schemes and more. Recently, we even discussed choosing a ceiling for your garden room.

On that same note, flooring is another choice you may not have considered for your garden room, but it’s one that can really make an impact on the look and feel of your space. Flagstone, brick, tile, gravel and even grass are some examples of garden room flooring options. Each one can be used to add color, dimension and texture to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space, while also serving a functional purpose.

Landscape architect and author Billy Goodnick offers the following advice for choosing a flooring material for your outdoor room: loose materials such as gravel for more casual spaces like informal pathways or lounge areas, hard materials such as concrete for more formal areas like patios. Of course, you’ll want to choose a material that’s outdoor-friendly, within your budget and visually appealing.

Take a look at the floors in these garden rooms for inspiration:

Pennsylvania bluestone pavers give the pathway to this courtyard garden a more formal look that’s balanced by an asymmetrical pattern. The hard surface flooring actually expands the living space from just a path to a full Mediterranean-style garden room, allowing for the placement of two benches, a water feature and numerous plantings, which bring the space to life.

Several different flooring materials help break up this large eclectic garden room, including pea gravel, colored tile, concrete blue geckos and flagstone. The floor itself adds an artistic element to the space and is also easy to maintain.

Symmetrical gravel pathways draw the eye to the center of this traditional landscape. The gravel softens the strong lines of this formal garden room’s layout and its linear plantings.

Green grass does not have to be boring. An open expanse of lawn is perfect for walking barefoot, while square pavers arranged in a checkerboard pattern add a formal feel and movement to the space.

What type of floor do you prefer for your garden room? Share with us in a comment below.

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  • Silas Knight says:

    These are all really great ideas for flooring in a garden. We have gravel for our walkways, and we love the look of it. It has been really durable for us, but I guess it all depends on preference.

  • Deedee Lewis says:

    I love the look of the symmetrical gravel pathway, it definitely put my focus on the traditional landscape. My sister is working on rearranging her garden room and the gravel pathway is a look she may be interested. I will definitely be sharing these garden tips with my sister.

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