Updating your home to enhance its curb appeal can be as simple as introducing a new color of paint. If you really want to give your home a boost, as well as a touch of character, a colorful door might just do the trick! The trend right now is to paint your doors a bold shade that makes them stand out from the rest of the house. Even your home’s interior architecture can be highlighted with a colorful door. A new hue can help express your personality both in and outside of your home.

How do you find the right color for your doors? First, you’ll want to consider the style of your door, plus the siding and trim that surround it. Color can make a boring door come to life or a formal door seem more fun. You should also look at the style of your home, and pick a color that matches any existing colors or materials. Of course, you’ll want to choose a color that you like and the right kind of paint for the type of door as well.

Here are a few colorful door ideas from the TMS Architects portfolio:

A bold plum-colored front door was selected for this Exeter Village renovation. The unexpected hue adds a twist to the otherwise traditional style home. This pop of color sends a modern whimsical vibe that’s sure to intrigue guests.

New Hampshire architects

Design by TMS Architects

Hunter green may not seem like a shade that would stand out, but set against this cream and gray Craftsman exterior, this door makes a big impact. This masculine and natural look is the perfect complement to the home’s cottage architecture.

architects in New Hampshire

Design by TMS Architects

This dark green front door pairs well with this home’s unique style. Its traditional molding and ornamentation creates a refined backdrop for the mysterious shade, which is a fitting choice for an eco-friendly home.

New England architects

Design by TMS Architects

The pea green color of this Wyoming Craftsman door has an earthy, organic feel. The shade creates a focal point, highlighting the home’s unique interior architecture in an area that could easily become boring and lifeless.

architects and designers in New England

Design by TMS Architects

Don’t forget color can also make your garage doors more appealing too. These bold orange garage doors add something unexpected to this home’s traditional exterior, while boosting curb appeal with a pop of color.

renovation architects in New Hampshire

Design by TMS Architects

Are you inspired to express your personality and give your home a facelift with a colorful door? Follow our Details {Front Doors} Pinterest board for more ideas.

If you’re ready to discuss a renovation project to bring color into your home, or if you’re ready to build from the ground up, contact TMS Architects to learn how we can help bring your vision to life.