These last weeks before spring begins to bloom can feel like the longest of the entire year. Time seems to move more slowly, but not in the way that allows for the cherishing of moments. Instead, time seems to inch endlessly through antsy children, soggy socks, and waking up early to start the cars before work. Don’t let the everyday monotonies of the winter dregs lose you any time with those you love: cozy up with the kind of luxurious indoor entertainment that will keep you from ever needing to leave the house.

Design by TMS Architects

Design by TMS Architects

Imagine: snow speckles from the slate sky, pocked with sleet. Wind whistles outside. On days like this, getting the chill from your bones seems impossible, as if there isn’t enough hot tea and enormous blankets in the world to keep the cold at bay. You roll out of your perfectly toasty bed and sleepily dip into your hot tub, starting the day with an invigorating, muscle-relaxing soak. Winter just got far more appealing.

Family Friendly Renovation

Design by TMS Architects

It’s family night. A few months from now, this would mean kids sprinting around the backyard, grass stains on knees; reading a book on the back deck with a glass of wine, grill sizzling away, fireflies just beginning to peek out. But instead, it’s the end of February. Everyone is sick, trapped indoors, and the cheer of being together during the holidays is long past. Unless you have the game room of your dreams, that is. Plenty of space, comfy chairs, warmly glowing lights. The perfect screen for the family gather around with boxes of pizza, a new movie, and new memories that will certainly tide everyone over until summer.

A View for all Seasons

Design by TMS Architects

Then, it’s suddenly Sunday afternoon, the weekend slipping away faster than it ever arrives. Monday threatens with the bleakness of a frosty morning ahead. Perhaps you’ve already prepped lunches for the week, are thinking about laundry. But, you’ve planned to fight off those feelings, prepped for the soothing scent of woodsmoke and thinking only of spending an evening with the one you love. Settle into the sofa, watch the fireplace flicker, and let the snow outside fall.

However you find comfort, your home’s aesthetic shouldn’t merely provide an exterior of curbside appeal and an interior of practicality. It should appeal to the kinds of moments you hope to create, and have the practicality of making the life you wish to lead. Be it lazy Sunday afternoons, family nights, or early mornings, your home should be the ideal of time spent; winter or summer, indoors or out.

A small renovation or addition to your home can make spending time indoors so much more enjoyable. If you’re thinking of making a change, contact us to get things started.

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  • Alex Trodder says:

    That indoor hot tub looks fantastic. I would love to have something like that in my home. I train for triathlons, but our winters can get pretty cold. Having an indoor hot tub would be a great way to soak and relieve sore muscles. I’ll have to see if I can plan on building something like that in the future for my home.

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