Ceilings are often an afterthought – if they’re thought about at all – when it comes to home design. However, thoughtfully designed ceilings can be used to tie existing design elements together, add a sense of intimacy to a large space, or to continue a decorative theme that has been started from the floor up.

Here are examples to get you thinking about way dramatic ceilings can impact your future home remodel or new construction project.

In this masculine game room, the ceiling details work together to achieve eye-catching effects. You often hear designers warning against dark walls or ceilings because they can make a room feel closed-in. However, in this design, you want occupants to feel a bit more intimate, almost like they’ve entered a pool hall or club, so a darker ceiling makes sense. The unique, stylized coffers create a 3-D, monochromatic checkerboard effect that adds both texture and depth.

Speaking of themes, you can use a multitude of textures and finishes to add a more dramatic edge to your living spaces. For example, this gorgeous windowed living room feels like it’s a part of an estate with green walls, bamboo plants and reed window coverings. The unique wood details continue that theme right up to the top of this gorgeous ceiling.

Sometimes, the architecture forms the dramatic ceiling details all on its own. In this formal living room we designed, the modern vaulted ceiling, paired with angular geometric faces, is dramatic without added embellishments. The final shape is cathedral-esque, especially when complemented by the grandeur of the outside views. Warm hardwood floors and furnishings keep the space from feeling cold or stark.

Coffers, paint colors, texture and architectural features, such as vaults and exposed beams, can also be used to design dramatic ceiling details.

For more inspiration, visit our Pinterest board dedicated to design details and options for ceilings, ranging from traditional and classic to modern and more!

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