Looking for something extra to add visual interest to your outdoor landscape? If you’re unfamiliar with the idea of rain gardens, you’ve been missing out on a quintessential, sustainable garden staple. The things that attract us to gorgeous rain gardens are their undeniable reduction in pollution, their contribution to water preservation, and they allow you to enjoy beautiful native plants.


Top Reasons to Plant a Rain Garden

  • Capture pesky runoff and store a nearly unlimited amount of clean water that can be used anywhere directly on your property.
  • It’s simple — pollutants like oil, salt, pesticides, fertilizer, pet waste, chemicals and more don’t belong in our freshwater supply. After water is captured, the soil soaks it up and uses it to nourish your garden plants.
  • Plants, mulch, and soil break up harmful pollutants. A rain garden can easily handle personal pollutants and turn them into something easy on the eye, too!
  • Many public utilities are currently offering homeowners sizable incentives to reduce local runoff by building rain gardens.
  • Rain gardens can come in all shapes and sizes and accommodate many varieties of shrubs, flowers, and bushes.

Realistically, rain gardens can become a staple of every American home. They are inexpensive to install, don’t require any heavy machinery or equipment, and typically don’t call for any building permits. Basically, they are foolproof. We absolutely adore having an option for lessening our carbon footprints that is both sustainable and esthetically pleasing.

If you’re thinking about planting a rain garden, or two, or three, don’t hesitate! With a resplendent rain garden, you can offer local birds and insects a safe, private habitat. Not only that, but you can reduce harmful pests and insects, make a personal statement in your yard, and teach adults and kids alike about the beauty of their surrounding natural environment. Protecting our precious resources starts with you!

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