While many homeowners opt for a glitzy showplace for their residence, more practical ones realize that a house should be a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Here are a few home design ideas for accomplishing this goal and designing an inviting and relaxing environment in your home, commercial business or oceanfront retreat.

Consider the Little Things

Simple flowing lines and even the art of Feng Shui can create a more livable and visually appealing environment that immediately greets you and your visitors upon entering the home. In short, do not overlook the basic layout and décor of your rooms.

Involve the Whole Family

The adage, “different strokes for different folks,” is as relevant to a family situation as anywhere else. Include the viewpoints of everyone who will be occupying a specific space, or you’ll end up creating a tense living environment rather than a relaxing one.

Implement Convenient Functionality

To be truly relaxing, a space should be extremely convenient in its intended purpose. For example, a screening room should have seats that all share an unobstructed view, while a bar area should include a sink with running water and a refrigeration unit.

Add a Natural Element

Mother Nature and all its constituent elements can add a distinctly relaxing mood to any room. From soothing greens and mellow yellows to neutral browns, plants and shrubs add relaxing visual highlights in any space.

Don’t Ignore Your Other Senses

The use of plants can also add a variety of relaxing scents to a room. Similarly, a water feature with a “babbling brook” or other white noise generator can provide relaxing audio cues that will help you and your guests relax.

As you can see, there are multiple ways to design and build a relaxing space in your home. For more information about this particular topic, and any other home design ideas, in general, please visit TMS Architects online, or contact us directly at 603-436-4274.