The hottest months of Summer are upon us, and one of our favorite pastimes revolves around being surrounded with good food, friends, and family. No summer gathering would be same without the three F’s — food, friends, and family — and a gorgeous, functional kitchen.

When it comes to designing the layout of your kitchen, you should keep in mind which areas will be delegated to preparation and which areas are intended for clean-up, as both require their own sink and plenty of counter space. For the optimal layout, envision a kitchen with the work areas and socializing areas effortlessly intertwined so they can both function simultaneously.

If you intend on having lots of company, be sure to include plenty of seating, and feel free to express your personality through colors, textures, and materials in your home design. Also, having well-designed lighting and extra storage will help you be more comfortable while working.

Take a look at these custom kitchens for some ideas to start planning your own dream kitchen today!

This wood-kissed cooking area seamlessly blends into the home’s open floor plan. With a lounging area nearby, this kitchen is the perfect place to cook and still be part of the action.

Incorporating a high-top seating area into your home design is a great way to enjoy a family meal. We also wanted to spotlight the honey tones of the cabinets and flooring, so we juxtaposed the wood with splashes of black in the backdrop, stools, and countertops.

With a fantastic view of the ocean in the background, we didn’t need much inspiration to create a stunning kitchen. With touches of blue as bright, fitting accents, the large island in the center is the perfect place to prepare a summer meal.

Counter space is the focus of this sizable kitchen we designed in Kitty Point Harbor. If you plan on having multiple cooks in the kitchen, then this sort of layout may be best for you!

Whether you’re looking to start a kitchen remodel or whole-home renovation, TMS Architects has the expertise you require. Contact us for more information about getting started on your next project.

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