Although bathrooms provide an excellent return on investment, many people overlook the benefits of designing a space to draw the wandering eye. Whether you’re undergoing a major renovation, uplifting a historic home or building a new home for the family, working with an architect can help inspire great home design ideas for your bathroom while providing a high return.

Designing a bathroom relies on several criteria that an architect can help with. These include ample space to move around, a luxurious tub with plenty of room for a good soak, a shower for expediency and an overall feel of a glamorous retreat.

Bathrooms are one of the most private spaces within the home, but that does not mean you can’t take advantage of the view if you’re lucky enough to have one. For example, in a master suite that faces a lake, a spa-like tub built into an alcove of windows can provide a perfect retreat after a hard day at work. If your home is nestled in the woods, you may consider creating an illusion of outdoor space by incorporating glass and wood accents.

For spaces that can’t rely on the outdoors for inspiration, there are still many options for beautiful home design. If you’re going for a modern upgrade, smooth, sleek fixtures and luxurious tile finishes can provide a sophisticated feel in your bathroom space. If you’re trying to maintain a historical look in your bathroom upgrade, try incorporating furniture pieces as sink bases, installing a clawfoot tub and using reclaimed wood as wainscoting to create an engaging yet period showcase.

The design specialists at TMS Architects can help you plan a bathroom renovation or new construction based on your own ideas. We have extensive experience in historical restoration and can bring out the beauty of the past or treat you to a modern escape. View our online portfolio, and contact us to begin your project.