Much like walls, ceilings hold tremendous design potential. However, far too often, they remain a blank canvas. As Melissa Destree shared with Houzz, “The ceiling is the surface that is most ignored. But its design is a critical element to create the mood in a room.”

We couldn’t agree more! Ceilings are a perfect place to add interesting architectural features to a room. Proportion, Destree shares, is the key to determining what type of ceiling treatment will look best in a given space. Take a look at these examples that showcase how beams, boards and other treatments create a focal point that instantly capture’s a viewer’s attention.

In a room with ceilings that are 10 feet or more in height, ceiling treatments and embellishments can be used to balance the space and make it feel cozier, giving it a sense of intimacy. The look was achieved in this living room with a diagonally coffered ceiling.

The massive size of this room alone could create a cold and empty feeling, yet with the right furnishings, draperies and detailed ceiling, it takes on a more relaxed tone. In addition to detailed crown molding, a special paint that creates a leather-like texture was added to the ceiling to maintain a certain level of sophistication.

Exposed beams are the perfect way to add interest to a farmhouse. In the example above, beams add rustic charm, while more modern light fixtures balance out the look.

Understated ceiling treatments can also make a difference in the look and feel of a room. Panel and beadboard ceilings are a popular choice among homeowners for their classic look. To give a panel or beadboard ceiling a little extra oomph, crown molding can be integrated.

We love adding architectural interest to our clients’ ceilings to make their living spaces even more dynamic. Below are a few dynamic ceilings we’ve designed.

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Design by TMS Architects

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Design by TMS Architects

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Design by TMS Architects

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