When you picture a gazebo, you might visualize the grandiose setup of the wedding you recently attended. You might picture whimsical flower arrangements, twinkling candles, and the spirit of romance in the air. However, gazebos can actually serve as wonderful landscape staples — places to picnic with your family, enjoy the breezes on a warm summer day, and cultivate your favorite flowers.


Not only are they good investments that increase the value of your property and bring design and comfort to your yard, but they also offer plenty of shade and a place to rest and relax. There’s no excuse not to utilize your backyard anymore! With beautiful metal and wooden gazebos, you can beautify your garden while bringing a functional element to your landscape.

Easy access is key in being able to fully access all the advantages of a metal or wood gazebo. Choosing too narrow of a location makes it more difficult to reach all of the gazebo’s sides. And if you’re wondering if you should go big or stay petite, it depends on the size of your garden or yard. All it takes is great landscaping to make any scale gazebo look fantastic.

Building a gazebo is the perfect opportunity to express your creative ideas. The wide diversity of this type of structure extends the perfect solution for any type of backyard design. While a gazebo can make a dramatic statement all on its own, climbing flowering plants and grape vines can add even more to the overall look.

Climbing plants allow you to completely convey your own individual style. They soften sharp edges, brighten up your garden boundaries, and because they climb vertically, they take up very little space. We love Boston Ivy — it’s a self-clinging climber that changes to a glorious crimson red during the autumn months. Kept under control, climbing plants will make an excellent addition to your garden gazebo.

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