The photo we pinned of the modern traditionalist kitchen was designed during a project we call the New Hampshire Hilltop Home and has made its way to several Pinterest boards. This popular pin has us thinking about granite countertops, and how to pick the perfect color.

Choosing a countertop is one of the most pivotal decisions during the kitchen design process. Countertops carry significant visual weight and play a leading role in the look and feel of a kitchen.

Whether you go with granite or another material, it’s important to select countertops that are tailored not only to your aesthetic, but your lifestyle as well.

The classic colors and natural beauty of granite are unparalleled. Many homeowners and designers also love granite for its longevity, durability, and heat- and scratch-resistance.

Here are some popular granite colors which happen to also be some of our personal favorites for designing beautiful and timeless kitchens.

If you dream of a classic white kitchen, consider Bianco Romano granite. Pair it with painted white cabinets, and then add a little bit of color with a tiled backsplash or decor. On the other end of the spectrum, Absolute Black granite can create a truly sharp kitchen design. It looks particularly striking when contrasted with white cabinetry or other light neutrals.

You can bring the outdoors in with Seafoam Green countertops. This gorgeous granite adds an organic, earthy feel with a serene green featuring gray and green undertones. The natural geometric-like patterns and variations also make this a popular choice.

Typhoon Bordeaux granite has one of the most complex coloring and veining and has cream, gray, brown, and brick red varieties. Typhoon looks fantastic with beige cabinets and hardwood flooring with red undertones.

With its green, blue ocean-like hues Costa Esmeralda granite is a stone that is calming, refreshing and invigorating. Balance this cool-colored granite with warm, light cabinetry like a sandy-tan.

Which granite speaks to you? What color cabinetry would you pair it with?

For more kitchen design inspiration, browse through our Houzz photos. To learn more about our architecture and design work, contact TMS Architects.

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  • Julie Myers says:

    Right now I am thinking about doing a kitchen renovation. If I do end up doing this, I would really like to get some nice granite or marble countertops, but choosing them can sometimes be difficult. You have some excellent suggestions here for which colors are popular and can make a kitchen look really nice. I like the idea of using the Bianco Romano granite, because I am hoping to do a white kitchen. If I go with this kind of granite, I think it would help to make it look really nice! Thanks for the great suggestion!

  • Jason Strong says:

    My mom and dad are remodeling our kitchen and it’s coming a long very nicely. One thing that they are stuck on though is finding a counter that they both like. I’ll have to show them this and see if it can help them out at all.

  • My wife has been wanting to renovate our kitchen counter tops for a long time now, and we are finally ready to get started. The picture you have here is absolutely beautiful and if we can do even half of that I think she will be happy! As you said, it really does feel calming while remaining invigorating at the same time.

  • My wife and I have been wanting to get some new countertops put in, but we have no idea what kind and color we should get. That being said, I noticed you talked about black granite, and how that would look really nice. I definitely think with our wooden floors, that that would stand out really well. I’ll have to show this to my wife and see what she thinks. Thanks for sharing this with me.

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