Do you have a particularly lovely garden? A spectacular view from your home? Is there a particular tree, rock formation, or other landscape feature that deserves to be honored? If so, large corner windows for homes offer a way to add unique design impact.

Large Corner Windows for Homes Yield Crystal Clear Views

Perhaps one of the things that makes corner windows so special is that they are not expected to be there. Our eyes have grown accustomed to the structural components that hold the framework of a home in place, and this typically includes load bearing structures in the corners. Modern building techniques, however, make it possible to glean crystal clear and unobstructed views using corner windows.

The following are examples of how you can implement corner windows into your home’s design.

Become one with the landscape. Ideally, your home’s architecture should complement the landscape. Such is the case with this California home where a large corner window enhances interior views of the dramatic surroundings while simultaneously creating an unobstructed view of the landscape from the outside.

Quiet contemplation. Choosing the right corner for your window is key. The “Picture House,” designed by Fabio Barilari, is set in the Italian countryside. Rather than attempting to capture the beautiful vista with a single picture window, the architect installed a corner window granting interior occupants with a place to quietly ponder the panoramic view. Typically, we see corner windows in modern designs but “Picture House” proves they can be just as at home in an historic renovation.

Ideal for lake and oceanfront homes. Perhaps one of the most logical places to install large corner windows is in a lake or oceanfront home. It’s a shame to cut off any potential view of a waterscape, where sunrises and sunsets are at their finest. With the right implementation your window will make it seem as if you are sleeping, sitting or dining while floating in one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful settings.

Whether your style is modern or traditional, TMS Architects can help you select the prime location for your large corner window.

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