The colors you use throughout your home do more than affect the look and feel of each individual living space. Colors should be thoughtfully chosen and carefully placed because they also interact and work together to create an overall color scheme for your home. Once you have the right combination of colors to achieve a beautiful whole-home palette, the next step is to mindfully combine and order them in a way that will create a nice flow from one space to the next.

Because colors have a powerful impact on our perceptions and emotions, color flow can determine how harmonious your home’s overarching atmosphere will be. Whether it’s through contrasting tones or complementary hues, there are multiple strategies for creating color flow that connects rooms and unites interiors with exteriors and outdoor living spaces. A balanced and strategic color flow is the surest way to achieve a cohesive and polished home design.

For this Oceanfront Gambrel, we created color flow by strategically selecting and combining whites, grays and beiges that play off each other for a chic and elegantly understated effect. We also carry specific tones from one room to the next to connect and unite different spaces.

NH architects

Design by TMS Architects

architects in Portsmouth NH

Design by TMS Architects

We used accent colors to tie spaces together and create a color flow for this Woodland Shingle Style Home. The rich color accents come in the form of artwork, decorative pillows and area rugs, helping to reinforce a sophisticated rustic theme. Even the fresh flowers add a strategic pop of color that enhance the home’s color flow.

Portsmouth NH architects

Design by TMS Architects

New England architects

Design by TMS Architects

Cool blues and serene greens define and separate areas while creating subtle connections in this Oceanfront Hampton Residence. These ocean hues generate cohesiveness while linking the interior to its main source of inspiration.

coastal New England architects

Design by TMS Architects

architects in New England

Design by TMS Architects

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