Great landscape designs all have one aspect in common — balance. And the wonderful thing about balance is that it doesn’t have to be elaborate to be effective. Simply adding a few structures for your kids to enjoy or creating a small garden room can resurrect a bland landscape. Below are some key tips to help create more harmony in your outdoor spaces.


Keep the peace with designated outdoor spaces for your kids. 

Trust us — areas where your children can play are practically mandatory additions to your backyard wish list! It’s more important than ever to distract your kids from their TVs, laptops, and gaming consoles, and by including them in the design process, you’re getting them out into nature and building excitement for future outdoor activities. Multilevel play designs keep kids active, present topographical challenges, and encourage them to test themselves and learn new skills. Other fun ideas include climbing walls and trees, vegetable gardens, and outdoor artwork!

Water elements provide serenity and relaxation. 

Natural elements make for delightful retreats. From whimsical fountains to tranquil reflecting pools, water features add personality and style to the garden and home. For a more formal look, a classical, European-style fountain can contribute a lot of elegance, while a waterfall nestled among rocks and boulders lends a rustic, naturalistic feel.

Incorporate private seating areas to encourage spending more time outdoors.

Attempting to prepare a romantic dinner to celebrate an anniversary or special occasion? Imagine following a flower-lined path to a hidden area lit with outdoor candles and demure light fixtures. Intimate areas of privacy allow you to focus more on your surroundings and the present moment.


Source: TMS Architects

More unique ideas for extra additions to your landscape design include: 

  • Arranging an outdoor living room complete with sofas, ottomans, and coffee tables. Increase the comfort level even more with plush outdoor pillows.
  • Using colorful tile to create mosaics, water features, or outdoor benches.
  • Laying down a natural stone path and/or paving large, outdoor living areas in stone.

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