Have you considered including a breezeway as a component of your landscaping? They offer great architectural interest as they connect portions of your home, offer protection from the elements, and they can help direct cooling breezes to your outdoor space. While designing a breezeway is best left to professional architects, the following information can provide you with some inspiration.


Before beginning, you will have to decide how to incorporate a breezeway with your current home design. If you have a freestanding garage, pool house, or are thinking of adding an addition, these are all potential choices for designing a breezeway. U-shaped homes and open deck extensions can also lend themselves to unique breezeway features.

Once you have determined where your breezeway will go, you’ll have to choose from three basic styles:

  1. Contained Breezeway
    As the term suggests, a contained breezeway shares a roof with the adjacent structure and is closed in on two sides. While sun exposure may be limited, this style can act as an extension to your interior space even in rainy weather, with the addition of some furniture and accessories.
  2. Funneled Breezeway
    This style connects two buildings that are angled towards each other. The front of the breezeway is narrower than in a contained breezeway and opens wider towards the back, perhaps incorporating a deck. The roof on this breezeway is separate from the two buildings it is connecting.
  3. Offset Breezeway
    Most commonly used if entrances to the house and garage are offset, an offset breezeway lines up to provide shelter for both doors. This style allows for a lot of sunlight due to being open on all four sides and can easily incorporate a backyard deck.

Regardless of how you plan to use it, designing a breezeway will also include architectural design so it blends well with your property, particularly for historic homes. There may also be consideration for plumbing and electrical access, lighting, and overall decor.

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