The concept of “cozy” might be most thought of in the chillier months, but the essence of that feeling is truly key to the interior of any home all year long, regardless of the temperature — because in many ways, that feeling of cozy is precisely what transforms an empty house into a beautifully fulfilling home.


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Fires are loved year round — winter bonfires in the crisp snow, summer s’mores under sparkling stars — yet there’s something about fall that simply begs for the smell of woodsmoke, a cup of hot cider, and the perfect armchair. Home fireplaces aren’t solely about the cold grandeur of neoclassical carvings and blocked marble anymore, either. The natural stone mantels and chimneys once relegated to lakeside camps are now seen for their aesthetic beauty in any kind of home, able to exude a grounded elegance and comforting warmth within a space beyond that of the fire itself. While the addition of a fireplace to your living room may seem like an enormous choice, it is one that immediately transforms an interior, creating a centerpiece of the home and a masterpiece of taste.



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Much like its association with cooler times and hot cocoa, coziness and comfort are most considered with small spaces — a daunting challenge when the architectural structure of your home isn’t planning to change any time soon. Just as building a fireplace may be impossible, an open layout is difficult to change, while also being a beautiful element in its own right; and with a few interior touches it can be the epitome of cozy, comfort, and all else that feels like home. Consider your paint appeal: inviting warmth into large spaces is often shaped by eye-pleasing visual layers. Multiple shades or tones help break up the space and add a welcoming presence, while those high ceilings still create a feeling of openness. In developing these levels and layers, rediscover original woods under old paint or introduce similar natural materials, particularly in moulding and wainscoting.



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In focusing on paints and finishes to make a space that truly feels like your most cozy home, there’s a tendency to assume all palettes and colors must fall into the world of dark mahoganies, rich burgundies, and deep greens. Those are gorgeous, autumnal tones to be sure, but they aren’t the only ones that create a warm, comfy space. Soft peaches, creamy yellows, and sumptuous fair Nordic woods can be just as lovely, with the added delight of brightness in catching sunlight during the darkest, grayest times of the year.



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If repainting and refinishing an interior seems the trial of the century during this hectic season, that doesn’t mean the same interior can’t still be easily given a fresh and cozy new life. From larger shifts to more manageable daily changes, individual pieces and textures can revitalize that feeling of lazy autumn afternoon bliss. Furniture with strong lines and in radiant tones shift intention, while leather armchairs and overstuffed sofas completely transform the tactile experience. Thick, plush textiles can range from refurbished upholstery to opulent throw blankets, while decadent area rugs bring the perfect contrast and highlight between hardwood floors and comfort.



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Whether “cozy” is defined for you by the time between October and February or every month of the year, by the colors of autumn’s nature or the shades of sunny days, by soaring open ceilings or the snugness of a space, that feeling of home can and should be a part of any home. Be it cooking up spooky Halloween treats or curling up by the fire with a good book, the feeling of this time of year can carry throughout the year — and with the right interior choices, it easily can. If you’re looking to create a cozier interior in your home, our Interior Design Studio can help you achieve your dreams. Contact TMS Architects to schedule a consultation. 

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