When it comes to choosing colors for kids’ rooms, the sky is the limit. Pink for girls and blue for boys are great traditional options, while gender neutral green and yellow can also be playful and fun. There are many options in between as well, not to mention exciting color combinations to create a whole new look.

Of course, you’ll want to consult your kids first and foremost before choosing color palettes for their rooms. Their ideas will help make the room more personal, and including your kids in the decision will make them feel special. Even if you’re not thrilled with their choices, you can help steer them in the right direction by selecting tasteful shades or by selecting toned down accent colors that will flow well with the rest of the colors in your home, as well as its architectural style.

Below are some examples of colorful kids rooms to inspire you and your children or grandchildren, as well as get your creative juices flowing!

There’s nothing sweeter than a pink bedroom for a little girl. Keeping the bright pink to a minimum and offsetting it with lighter pinks, whites or even greens is the key to decorating with pink. The look is whimsical and charming. We especially like the cozy window seat, which is a perfect place for a girl to daydream!

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Design by TMS Architects

A beautiful storybook-inspired wall mural in this room brings bold pink and green down to earth while keeping things fun and playful.

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Design by TMS Architects

Blue is a classic choice for little boys’ rooms. For bolder shades, consider using pops of color. A more serene look can be created by incorporating lighter blues throughout a room. Here, a┬átraditional area rug featuring bold blue and red is an unexpected choice that helps anchor this lively room.

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Turquoise and lime green make an excellent pairing, helping define the interior architecture of this kids’ room.

When paired with orange, turquoise makes a great gender neutral playroom color palette. It sets a fun and cool vibe, while making the loft-like room feel open and spacious.

Whether you’re about to start a new home project or an entire remodel, contact TMS Architects for help. Our team will be there every step of the way to ensure that all details in your plan — including the colors you want to incorporate — are brought to life.

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