Office spaces can often feel dull and boring with their white walls and institutional-looking furniture. However, just as in residential interiors, color can be a powerful tool when used in commercial interiors, such as office spaces. Besides evoking certain feelings or emotions, color can also enhance a company’s brand messaging, reflect its values and more.

One of our previous commercial projects is a perfect example of how the use of bold color can be effectively integrated into an office environment. Bright cobalt blue appears throughout the offices of Bottomline Technologies, a financial company located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The color scheme was created during a 4,500 square-foot renovation and expansion inside the company’s headquarters building.

This shade was selected because blue is associated with honesty and loyalty, which is important for a company in the financial realm. From feature walls to light fixtures, “Bottomline Blue” reinforces the company as an efficient, creative, team-building and high-tech-minded business.

Other color selections can have different implications both on guests and workers in an office setting. Blue, as well as green, have a calming effect, helping to alleviate the negative effects of a stressful job. For the office break room, orange or yellow is a good choice because they’re cheery and energetic, giving workers the boost they need to get through the day. Similarly, red is a stimulating and invigorating color that may help boost productivity. Purple is a surprisingly versatile color that “promotes peace, wisdom, intuition and artistry,” according to See Jane Work.

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