The photo we pinned of the exterior of our project called the New Hampshire Hilltop Home has been pinned to multiple Pinterest boards. The well-liked pin has us pondering wooden shingles, and the way they exude both a historical and modern look.

Source: TMS

Source: TMS

There are many different styles of wooden shingles that can all be used to enhance the look of a home’s exterior. With the simple design of a wooden shingle, you can alter a home’s silhouette and even incorporate custom designs. Wooden shingles also help prevent an exterior from looking cookie cutter or overly plain.

Like in the Pinterest photo, we like to create contrast by pairing wooden shingles with elements like colorful trim and metal accents. It incorporates texture and plays with natural materials in an innovative way.

Below, this house shows how a lovely combination of cedar shingles, green siding, and excellent craftsmanship can elevate traditional architecture. We also like the idea of pairing shakes like these with brick, stone, or another type of siding.

Adding stone to the mix is a great way to add yet another eye-catching feature to an exterior. It helps when the chosen stone matches the existing exterior, but when matched well, the results are stunning. The stone seen below adds a rustic look to the home and creates an irresistible vignette that helps connect what’s man-made to the natural landscape.

These residence owners have taken a unique approach to wooden shingles, and they’ve created a highly interesting monochromatic color scheme that seamlessly complements its environment. With sparse yet tasteful patio furniture, these shingles appear almost delicate in nature and add a great deal of visual interest.

One way to create a traditional exterior look with a bit of flair is to integrate painted wooden shingles. The owners of this contemporary porch have certainly thought outside the box while still maintaining a delightful look. It goes without saying to choose an appealing color, but don’t be afraid to showcase your personality in the process.

Which of these shingled homes appeals to you most?

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