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TMS Architects’s intrepid project manager, Justin Knowlton, paid a site visit yesterday to a renovation he is supervising currently under construction on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee.  Designed by TMS principal, William Soupcoff, these photos speak volumes about the transformational possibilities inherent in an architecturally-designed renovation.

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This question was posed to TMS Architects by one of loyal “correspondents” who has followed our work for several years. His question, in its entirety went as follows:

> “If you don’t mind me asking, this is kind of an open-ended question, but I’ve been thinking about it lately since I’m seeing the home design/engineering process first hand.

>> In short, what do you see in the future of home design? Not in terms of software, but in terms of overall design trends?

>> It’s been fun viewing and studying your designs for all this time and seeing how your designs progress as the months and years pass! I’m sure you’ve seen so many trends that have come and gone, but overall, I think traditional design is here to stay, albeit with different design trends.

>> I just hope there are people in my generation that will be able to design such wonderful homes since you probably won’t be designing forever.”

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Since the weather is a bit more temperate today, our thoughts turn to spring and what projects will be ready for photography in 2014.  It is only January and some snow is still left on the ground after the torrential rains but it is not too early to start planning and coordinating various photo shoots.  We thought it would be interesting to show you some of the TMS homes seen as “works in progress” that were photographed by TMS staff members in the field.  These all should be completed and ready for their turn in front of the camera lens this spring.  We will definitely post the professional photographs as soon as we can!

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TMS Architects’s guest blogger, J. Dennis Robinson, provides us with a serious message in his 23rd guest post for us.  As he points out, cultural tourism is important to our local economy as Portsmouth is one of the top heritage destination points in America and as building continues at a rapid pace downtown, the last bits of history are being destroyed underneath these new buildings. 

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