Sustainable building materials can be just as beautiful and functional as they are eco-friendly. As more and more homeowners and builders go green, brick masonry construction is becoming an important player in green building and sustainable home design. This is because bricks are inherently green and result in gorgeous structures that last for generations to come.

Here at TMS Architects, one of our favorite sustainable materials for green home designs is reclaimed brick. The benefits of using reclaimed brick in home building go far beyond aesthetics. In addition to bringing long-lasting durability to homes and requiring little to no maintenance, bricks bring a host of environmentally-friendly characteristics.

Natural, renewable, and reusable bricks have several attributes to help you go green. Bricks do not contain any ozone-depleting substances and are actually composed of the four most readily available elements found in nature: Oxygen, alumina, iron, and silica. They can also contain recycled content that can add to the aesthetic appeal by coloring without compromising durability. Because brick does not typically need to be painted and does not promote mold growth, it additionally lends itself to great indoor air quality.

Reclaimed brick can provide incredible tones and textures for achieving stunning home designs. They are found in a range of earthy colors from beige to brown and terra cotta to burnt auburn. Depending on the type of bricks and their arrangement, this sustainable material can be used to achieve a wide variety of home styles including Georgian Colonial, Federal Revival, Tuscan, Tudor, Spanish, Greek, Mediterranean and more. Multiple brick variations can even be employed to produce patterns and other accents and details for visual interest and personalization.

Reclaimed materials are just one method that our team here at TMS Architects uses to custom design and build green homes as well as restore and preserve historic homes and buildings for our clients. We turn to reclaimed materials not only for their eco-friendliness but for their historical significance and authentic beauty. Reclaimed materials allow us to significantly reduce our carbon footprint by cutting energy and resource consumption. Not to mention we are able to greatly cut costs for our clients, too!

Source: TMS via Houzz

Source: TMS via Houzz

Our team is experienced and passionate about beautiful and functional green home design. In one of our favorite green home design projects, we revived and renovated a New Hampshire farmhouse to feature modern efficiencies and technologies while restoring and highlighting the original farmhouse vernacular. As you can see, locally reclaimed brick was used throughout the design from the accent wall in the kitchen to the exterior walkways and driveways.

See more samples of our sustainable home designs in the TMS Architects portfolio. To begin discussing a home remodel or historic restoration using sustainable methods and materials that suit your aesthetic and lifestyle, contact TMS Architects online or by calling 603-436-4274.


  • Johnny Shi says:

    It never occurred to me that because brick didn’t need to be painted it wouldn’t promote mold growth. In my opinion the natural brick looks extremely good. It is a great accent to this home. Both of these benefits make me want to reconsider the design of my own home.

  • Julie Myers says:

    I absolutely love how reclaimed brick looks, so it is nice that it is also an environmentally friendly building option. It would be fun to look for some old bricks in a good color to see if I can make a nice brick wall in my home. I think that reclaimed brick walls look so nice inside homes, so it would be fun to start designing a few options. Do you have any suggestions on where I can look for old brick like this?

  • I am looking to build a rustic brick building. I’d never considered using reclaimed brick before! I like how it can show an older, more varied tone than using brand new bricks. I’m going to look into using older bricks in my building.

  • Using reclaimed bricks is a fantastic idea. I had never though about that before. It could be a great way to save money, as you said, and give your wall or surface a very unique texture. I’ll have to think about that the next time I have a masonry project.

  • Jason Strong says:

    I think the art of masonry is so cool and awesome to watch. It takes a lot of skill to do what these guys do for a living and it’s not easy to learn. I’m grateful that we have them and for all their hard work to build our community.

  • Adam Bockler says:

    Thanks for your idea about how to make your building or construction project more green. I know that a lot of building materials can be recycled these days. It makes sense that brick would be one of them. When I build my first home, I’ll have to ask around for commercial contractors that are also interested in using green and environmentally friendly materials.

  • Cal Driver says:

    Great post! I’m always sad when I see a classic old house or building demolished and the materials carted off to the dump. The weathered old brick is a look that a lot of people (including myself) would pay for. I love the idea of building with reclaimed materials. Not only should it save you money on building supplies, but you can feel good about your environmental impact. Thanks for sharing!

  • Silas Knight says:

    I love the fact that you can use renewable brick for construction. Going green is something I think everyone should try to improve on. It is great that something so environmentally-friendly can have so many benefits, like durability and low maintenance.

  • linda Prin says:

    I really love the paths that are on this cape cod style home above. I am looking to use reclaimed brick for the inside floor of my children’s new play house floor and the design here is just what I’m looking for. I love that I can do this and know I am helping the environment too. Thank you for sharing.

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