When you have old leather bound tomes from grandparents, stacks of stories from those years when toddlers still scurried around the home, and dusty hardcovers that you just can’t let go of, there are few household features to store books like a library. If it seems like you have too many books and nowhere to put them, constructing a library might be your best option; however, some advance planning is required before diving into this endeavor.

First off, you’ll need to figure out the dimensions of the room you would like to construct the library in. Much of this will depend on where you decide you want the library constructed. While some homeowners choose to add on a room, others may decide that an existing room that isn’t used as much is a better fit. Make sure you take the approximate number of books you’ll store into account, as this will determine whether you need floor-to-ceiling shelving.

When you design a library, you’ll want this space to be as relaxing as possible, yet offer plenty of room. Your safest bet is to select a room or corner of your home that doesn’t have a lot of traffic. Some homeowners choose to combine a home office and library in one space. This option can work out very nicely if you have enough space for your office equipment.

Home design ideas for libraries should include secure shelving. Heavy shelving can cause structural problems for walls and destroy floors. So, consider placing your library on the first floor if you plan on having a large collection.

You can incorporate similar colors around the home into your library. A high-gloss paint for the shelves can complement dark walls, while bright colors can make your library stand out. But, don’t feel as though you have to conform to dark, subtle colors.

Most importantly, when you’re thinking of bring a library into your home, there is nothing like leaning on the experience and expertise of a certified architect to ensure your vision comes to life. For this, be sure to contact us at TMS Architects to bring a library into your new, historic or contemporary home.