As a New Hampshire based architecture firm, we have the pleasure of taking on projects in some of New England’s most beautiful and historic settings. This area is chock full of lush lakefronts, breathtaking coastal views, and idyllic downtown areas with centuries-old charm. When constructing a new building in a naturally beautiful setting, it just makes sense to take a cue from Mother Nature when it comes to design. Today, we’ll share some of our favorite designs that stand out by working with their natural surroundings.


Design by TMS Architects

A sense of serenity and privacy was of utmost importance to our clients when designing this oceanfront home in Hampton, NH. We built a natural stone seawall to create a casual but elegant beach house feel to the exterior. The wall helps keep their outdoor space private without interfering with their ocean views, while the stone steps blend in to create an almost invisible pathway between their home and a secluded beach.


Design by TMS Architects

The home pictured above is set in a real-life New Hampshire apple orchard. Does it get any more New England than that? We think not! Given this fact, our clients wanted to make the most of this already gorgeous property by building a home that would fit seamlessly into the surrounding orchard. We used a classic New Hampshire palette of cedar shingles, brick, and fieldstone to achieve a timeless, natural look with this home.


Design by TMS Architects

Though this home on Lake Winnipesaukee is substantial in size and scale, we played off the natural contours of the land to help it blend in. The use of fieldstone and a color palette that mimics New Hampshire’s forest give this home rustic elegance and helps it blend even further. The result is so harmonious with nature that as you draw closer to the house (either from the water or the meandering driveway), you only catch glimpses here and there until you are right in front of it.


Design by TMS Architects

When we were commissioned to build the Newburyport 5 Cent Savings Bank (pictured above), we were met with the unique challenge of blending a commercial building into a historic residential neighborhood complete with a 17th century village green. Even the most subdued of modern designs would have stuck out like a sore thumb in this setting, so we drew inspiration from a turn of the century American Bungalow style home when building this bank. Stone piers topped with copper lanterns, shaped rafter tails and corner brackets all work to reinforce the style, and a brick and bluestone pocket park we built across the street provided a nice and effortlessly blended addition to the whole community.

Combining natural looking design elements with modern materials and amenities is one of our specialties. If you’re looking to build a home or commercial building that’s inspired by natural surrounding, contact us online or on the phone at 603.436.4274.