Not very long ago, the term sustainable architecture would have been redundant. Architecture was, by its very nature, sustainable. Humans either inhabited structures that already existed or built just enough shelter to protect their families from the elements.

green home

In an era where products are sourced from around the planet and toxic synthetic chemicals have been added for the production of virtually every possible home furnishing and accent, architects and designers are going back to basics, applying common sense to their designs in an effort to create homes that are holistically healthier for both us and the planet.

At TMS Architects, we’re strongly committed to building homes that leave as light of a footprint as possible. We like to keep our finger on the pulse of sustainable design and build techniques. Below, is a project that has recently inspired us, and we hope that it inspires you too.

Sustainable and affordable.

Oftentimes, the price tag is the prohibitive factor when building sustainable projects. After all, green and eco-friendly products often come with a higher price tag. Creative developers Elemental had to find ways to build affordable, sustainable housing for their post-tsunami disaster plan. They decided to build-out “half houses,” so customers had a livable space, while leaving the other half empty, so it could be built-out as their budget allowed.

Client-centric design.

The ultimate goal was to build a home that met their clients’ needs. Elemental worked closely with community members, ensuring that everyone’s needs were defined and then prioritized. This makes for homes that are built right the first time, while diminishing the need for costly redesigns later.

Building for the future.

A home should last a lifetime. Building with geography and climate in mind means designing structures that are less vulnerable to natural disasters and reducing materials and energy associated with post-disaster reconstruction.

Let TMS Architects use these green principles for your sustainable New England home design. Contact us at 603.436.4274 to schedule your consultation today.