Though it may not feel like it just yet, spring is here! It’s in the breeze off the harbor, the crocuses peeking up around every foundation, the children pouring out of school doors at the end of each day. Soon enough, summer will rock Portsmouth into full swing . But until then, there is plenty in this town of ours to do as we begin to shake out of that hibernation and into that freshest of seasons.


If there’s one perfect way to welcome spring, it’s a brisk, gorgeous run through some of the most stunning landscapes nature can provide. With the Rescue Run 5K Trail Race on April 23rd, there’s no tedious concrete-pounding: through a carefully selected trail route, you get to experience running through “the forest, by the rocky shore, across a sandy beach, and alongside historic military fortifications,” all while raising money and awareness for marine mammal conservation and taking in the best views our scenic area has to offer. 

Even in the best of springtimes, the occasional rainy day will have you craving some cozy time indoors. And even then, Portsmouth has got you covered on April 26th with the best — literally, by screening the American Film Institute’s #1 funniest film. A classic since the day it was released, and beloved ever since, Some Like It Hot hits the big screen once more, starring the fabulous Marilyn Monroe and her cohort of stars. Shown by one of our incredible local clients, The Music Hall, the Film Club’s treat of an experience includes famous vintage preview cartoon What’s Opera, Doc? and is not to be missed by any age.

If these other signs of spring aren’t enough for you, maybe this will finally do it — the final Winter’s Farmers’ Market is April 23 in nearby Exeter, and sure to be the greatest of the entire season. With organic, locally-sourced goods and produce, it’s a lovely day spent supporting your area, your health, and your tastebuds. 


Last, but certainly not least, is perhaps the most important and true celebration of spring: The Portsmouth Brewery’s 3rd Annual Chef/Brewer Battle Beer Social. With just one ticket, you get to be audience to master brewers’ pairing the perfect brew with a challenging, delicious dish. Each pairing will be judged by a team of experts, and more importantly, you!

Whether the taste of spring to you means running through the crisp New Hampshire woods on an April morning, or the ideal swig of craft beer made by your neighbors, Portsmouth is the place to be. Ring in spring with the idyllic place you love best.