Don’t be deterred by the name. The concept of the pergola is in reality very straightforward. It’s simply a row of vertical columns constructed to support a trellis or horizontal beams that are situated above. As the temperatures climb, you might be looking for a way to continue to enjoy your landscape without suffering in the stifling heat of Summer. Pergolas are classic, beautiful structures you should consider because of their ability to provide a versatile reprieve.

The popularity of pergolas has stood the test of time. While styles and materials have changed over the years, their functionality and aesthetic beauty have remained the same. That they are able to provide both simultaneously has no doubt aided in their timelessness.

Today, pergolas are no longer reserved solely for the wealthy. We love how they elegantly provide shade and a means for our favorite vining plants to climb tall. Reminiscent of an Italian Renaissance garden, the lengthy pergola below has just the right amount of wild. These homeowners opted for a minimalistic approach to their vertical support beams, and the result is a focus on the stunning vista.

To jazz up your pergola, consider an addition like a ceiling fan. It’ll bring a breeze to your meal, nap, or reading time and help circulate air. Just make sure you choose one suited for outdoor use.

Or, consider perching a natural woven material atop your pergola for a rustic touch of shade like the one seen here.

We thought beyond the normal natural and stained wood for the attached pergola in one of our New England projects. The green hue matches the color of the home’s exterior and shades the walkway while providing character and visual interest.

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