Looking for a way to give back to nature while receiving the benefits of flowers, plants, and vegetables? Growing your own plants and food is an important step toward leading a more sustainable lifestyle. Switching over to a sustainable gardening style goes a really long way in building a garden that you can then admire, eat from, and enjoy. To help you avoid getting lost on the way, we have some information to help grow your sustainable garden into a feature you can be proud of.

Harvest Rainwater. Harvesting rainwater is an eco-friendly way to keep your plants hydrated and happy. Summers can sometimes come hand in hand with dry spells, so diligently collecting rainwater when it does rain can provide sufficient water to keep your garden thriving throughout the entire season. You can simply hook a hose up to a storage tank, and voilà! Let your cup run over.

Make Your Garden as Low-Maintenance as Possible. Designing the garden to care for itself is a wise move and one that will pay off in the long-run. Continue incorporating plant varieties you know are tough and native plants known to thrive in the area. Instead of using chemically produced fertilizers, rabbits and hens feed on any garden scraps and contribute natural fertilizer.

Source: TMS Architects

Source: TMS Architects

Grow Vegetables Wisely. In your garden, every inch of space should be utilized. Growing vegetables in raised beds and making the most of natural sunlight can result in a thriving garden. More sunlight means riper vegetables and a fuller stomach! If you take a mindful approach toward the planning of your garden, the rewards will be well worth your efforts.

Get Creative with Sustainability. We love the idea of taking a sustainable approach when it comes to your garden plot, even down to details like your garden pathway! For a creative approach to garden and patio paving, encourage moss to grow between pavement by filling in the spaces with rocks and compost.

What are you looking forward to planting in your new sustainable garden?

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