Each phase of the Portsmouth Music Hall Theatre Restoration brought this century-old cultural landmark back to life with architectural features and details that radiate with exquisite beauty and history. It started with the restoration of the historic dome and proscenium arch, which was completed in 2006. TMS Architects – in partnership with a team of builders, construction companies and engineers – remodeled the lobby and moved on to the auditorium in 2007.

The lobby, which was once a dark and stuffy space, was transformed into a jaw-dropping enchanted forest through fantastic architectural columns, luxurious finishes and modern amenities. Walking up to the box office, you’re whisked away to a whimsical forest where cast bronze trees with climbing vines that organically twist and turn stand in the place of traditional columns.

When you first enter the lobby, you are greeted by gilded Greek Doric columns and dramatic ceiling architecture illuminating with cosmic-colored lights.

Sheathed in small tile mosaics, the floors feature decorative waves and swirls that direct your eyes up to plush red velvet seating with fanciful tufted upholstery and theatrical light installations, weaving vines and whimsical walls of stacked brick and stone.

Gold granite countertops are supported by a system of cast bronze branches and roots extending from the trees that frame the concession stand while lighting effects add brilliant color accents.

The auditorium alone is a grandiose showcase of theatrical history and classical architecture. Gilding was added to the railings and decorative carvings and embellishments throughout the auditorium to emphasize and highlight their impeccable detail while adding a stunning luster and elegant sparkle

When it was discovered that the domed ceiling dawned murals, they were repainted and revitalized to their original vibrancy and illustriousness.

Which architectural details of the new Music Hall Theatre design do you find the most breathtaking?

The Music Hall Restoration exemplifies the refined skills and meticulousness with which our team of designers and builders approaches every project.  To learn more about the experienced professionals at TMS Architects as well as our commercial building, design and historical restoration services, contact us online or call us at 603-436-4274.