Once you decide to commence with a kitchen remodel, it can feel like things can’t move fast enough. In truth, it’s much safer to take your time and thoughtfully plan each and every detail to ensure your kitchen is as personally functional for your household as it is aesthetically pleasing. That’s what our Portsmouth, NH clients did and the results were stunning and well worth the wait.

New England Architects TMS Remodel & Design a Kitchen Worth Waiting For

The following pictures demonstrate how taking the time to plan the little extras makes a big difference.

Take cabinets to the ceiling. In older homes, cabinets often end a foot or more below the ceiling, or below a soffit, creating an empty space that collects dust and does nothing to enhance the kitchen’s looks. Instead, we removed soffits and took the cabinets right up to the ceiling, continuing the open and spacious feeling already present due to 180° views and ample natural light. Clients selected glass cabinet door inserts for the top, breaking up the view and adding visual interest.

Photo via TMS Architects

Optimize the corners. Corners often become barely-usable space. To avoid that, we installed corner drawers with different depths to create more useful storage and to prevent those awkward and cavernous cabinet corners. Installing a corner sink is also a great space-saver.

Photo via TMS Architects

Timeless finish selections. Once your remodel is complete, you want to enjoy the fruits of your labor for decades to come. This requires the implementation of timeless fixtures and finish selections that won’t become outdated as trends come and go. Transitional cabinet door styles, like the flat panel ones we selected here, will never go out of style. Changing the hardware can make them more traditional or modern, depending on your tastes or those of future homebuyers. Marble countertops have been popular for centuries, so they’re always a safe bet if maintained properly. Matching subway tiles for the backsplash make a conservative decorative addition. Finally, choosing a white foundation maintains a bright, clean and timeless look and makes an ideal backdrop for colorful transient accents that change with the times.

Work with TMS, New England Architects who remodel and design kitchens that are thoughtfully and artistically designed to stand the test of time.

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